Cristian Hidalgo's "Alchemist" Inspires Artwork for Charity Event Supporting Gender Equality in Hamburg 


Cristian Hidalgo is thrilled to announce that his track "Alchemist" has inspired a new artwork by the talented Verena for the upcoming charity event "PNEUMA meets Art." This event will be held on June 22 and 23 at Kultur und Gut in Hamburg, Germany.

Verena, who has been exploring her artistic side over the past year, creates diverse pieces ranging from contemporary to abstract art. Her latest work, inspired by "Alchemist," will be showcased alongside other unique pieces by local artists. These artworks are based on releases from PNEUMA and will be available for purchase to support gender equality initiatives through the Ganadora Foundation.

The GANADORA Foundation is a newly established foundation committed to the Sustainable Development Goal of Gender Equality. The foundation's mission is to empower women to feel like winners in their own lives by focusing on education, cultural exchange, and leadership. GANADORA supports various non-profit organizations to ensure equal opportunities, contributing to women's empowerment.

"PNEUMA meets Art" promises to be a unique intersection of music and visual art, highlighting the vibrant artistic community of Hamburg. Entry to the event is free, and attendees will have the opportunity to experience and support this noble cause.

For more details, visit the PNEUMA meets Art event page. Don't forget to check out GANADORA on Instagram and LinkedIn, and consider donating to support their cause.

"Black Mirror" by Cristian Hidalgo Reaches Top Rankings on Beatport and Release Promo 

Cristian Hidalgo's latest track "Black Mirror" secures a spot in the Best New Hype Progressive House ranking on Beatport and garners acclaim on Release Promo.

The track has been placed at number 6 in the Best New Hype Progressive House ranking on Beatport as of May 6th. 

Adding to the track's accolades, Release Promo, a respected platform known for spotlighting the best in electronic music, has included "Black Mirror" in its monthly ranking. 

"Black Mirror" is characterized by its epic and enigmatic mood, evocative synths, and rolling basslines, embodying the signature style that Cristian has become known for. 

Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming releases by following Cristian Hidalgo on his official website and social media channels.


We're thrilled to announce the upcoming release of my track "Black Mirror" through my beloved label You Wouldn't Understand Records! This track is an exciting mix of trancey progressive, a style I'm really into. The exclusive pre-order on Beatport will start on April 26th, so mark your calendars! The official release on all platforms is set for May 3rd, so stay tuned.

For those who can't wait, "Black Mirror" is already available for streaming on my SoundCloud. Give it a listen and let the music take you away! Thank you for all the support! ❤️🚀

Featuring Support From Hernan Cattaneo, Martin Fredes, and Gai Barone!

I'm also excited to share that "Black Mirror" has already received support from Hernan Cattaneo, Martin Fredes, and Gai Barone! Their support means a lot to me, and I'm grateful for their endorsement of my music.

Beatport :

Exploring 'The Beginning of Everything': Cristian Hidalgo's Journey with Progressive Astronaut 

Discover an exclusive interview with Cristian Hidalgo, where he shares intimate details about his EP 'The Beginning of Everything', his inspiration, and his vision for the future of electronic music. Cristian Hidalgo was invited by Progressive Astronaut to talk about his first EP of 2024. Don't miss it!


Cristian Hidalgo, founder of You Wouldn't Understand label, reveals his new EP 'The Beginning of Everything,' blending epic melodies with groovy atmospheres. Inspired by personal experiences and global travels, his music captures the essence of life's moments. The EP, featuring tracks like 'Deep Shanti' and 'Dharma,' has garnered support from industry icons like Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. In an exclusive interview with Progressive Astronaut, Cristian discusses his creative journey, the influence of Argentine nightlife, and plans for 2024, including a return to DJing and the launch of a new live show.

Link interview:

Cristian Hidalgo's "The Beginning of Everything" Sets the Stage at The Soundgarden Event in Mar del Plata 

We're thrilled to share a momentous occasion where Cristian Hidalgo's track "The Beginning of Everything" took center stage at Sonora Park in Mar del Plata. The event, hosted by The Soundgarden label on January 19, 2024, featured performances by renowned DJs Nick Warren and Martin Fredes, captivating thousands of attendees on the beach.

Martin Fredes, in his warm-up set before Nick Warren, closed with "The Beginning of Everything," setting the perfect tone for the evening. Witness the magic through a photo capturing both DJs at the event and a video showcasing the crowd dancing to Cristian's uplifting track.

Stay tuned as we unveil the photo and video, capturing this unforgettable moment.


Cristian Hidalgo's "Deep Shanti" Featured on Hernan Cattaneo's "Resident" Radio Show 


We're excited to announce that Cristian Hidalgo's track "Deep Shanti" was recently featured on the renowned DJ Hernan Cattaneo's radio show "Resident." The show, broadcasted on Urbana Play radio in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on October 7, 2023, included "Deep Shanti" in its mesmerizing setlist.

Stay tuned as we prepare to share the full set featuring "Deep Shanti" and more. Thank you for your continued support!



1 - Gai & Micah - Please Sit Down (F1-Mi1-Oliver & Tom, Lupe Republic - React) / 
2 - Trilucid - Calling / 
3 - Kamine Vox - Coraline (Diego Acosta Remix) / 
4 - Luke Alessi & Jordan Brando - Affogato / 
5 - Alan Cerra - Blackout (Melodiam (AR) Remix) / 
6 - David Calo - Renew (Quivver Remix) / 
7 - Alley SA, Marley Hughes - Sacred Stems (Diego Moreira Remix) / 
8 - Deep Shanti - Cristian Hidalgo / 
9 - Noel Sanger - Falling Upward (Jamie Stevens Remix) / 
10 - BT - Mercury and Solace (Framewerk Vocal Rewerk) / 

Cristian Hidalgo Unveils his EP "The Beginning of Everything" with the Support of Hernán Cattaneo. 


Multimedia artist and producer Cristian Hidalgo is pleased to announce the release of his highly anticipated EP, "The Beginning of Everything." Anchored in the Melodic Progressive House genre, this exciting project promises to captivate listeners with its unique fusion of epic melodies and catchy grooves.

Release Date: January 5, 2024
Pre-Order on Beatport: Starting December 22, 2023

Music enthusiasts can secure their exclusive copy by pre-ordering the EP on Beatport from December 22, 2023, anticipating a unique auditory experience.

Renowned DJ and producer Hernán Cattaneo has expressed his support for the project by including one of the tracks from this EP, "Deep Shanti," in one of the standout episodes of his radio show, "Resident," on Urbana Play Radio. This episode, aired on October 7, 2023, has become one of the most listened to. You can relive the moment at the following link:

Cristian shares his enthusiasm about Hernán Cattaneo's support: "Receiving support from the biggest name in our scene, Hernán Cattaneo, is an honor that cannot be described in words and provides the necessary strength to continue this exciting journey."

Special Thanks:

Cris is grateful for all those who have been fundamental pillars.

  • Escuela Sonica: For being a constant source of inspiration and knowledge.
  • Mateo Moric, Jorge Ciccioli, Mayro, Andrea Cassino, Emilia Ines Vega: For their guidance and unwavering support.
  • Comrades from the Aulart Bootcamp: For sharing this learning journey.
  • Sonica Students: For teaching him as much as he imparts to them.
  • Ches, friends, and family: For being unwavering support at every step

This EP holds extraordinary significance for Cristian Hidalgo as it marks his debut on his own label. The three melodic tracks each carry a unique identity, reflecting personal experiences from 2023—a challenging year from which he has learned and that is mirrored in the music. These tracks are a testament to personal reconstruction and the determination to move forward.

Cris is thrilled to share this special chapter with the world and extends gratitude to all who have been part of his journey so far.

New Release: 'Soulmates' on V.A. 'Vibrant Vibeland Edition #22'! 


We are thrilled to announce the release of "Soulmates" as part of the Various Artists "Vibrant Vibeland Edition #22" on Soundteller Records!

Talented artist, Cristian Hidalgo, has crafted a unique track that stands out in this special edition, alongside other standout artists such as Sistersweet, Nerutto, Juan Alamos, Joaco Rodino, and Berdu. This musical collaboration promises an exceptional auditory experience that you won't want to miss.

"Soulmates" delves into the melodic progressive house genre and finds its inspiration in those soulmates who cross our path in life and whom we share with. The song boasts distinctive elements that set it apart, and we are eager to share this creation with all of you.

You can listen to "Soulmates" on major streaming platforms, including Spotify, where you can enjoy the music and immerse yourself in this exciting collaboration.

We deeply appreciate all the support we've received throughout our musical journey and hope you will enjoy "Soulmates" as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Stay tuned for the latest news and updates by following me on my social media channels, and feel free to share this news with your friends and followers. Thank you for being part of this thrilling musical adventure!



You Wouldn't Understand Records: New record label promises to revolutionize the music scene 

The founder of You Wouldn't Understand Records, Cristian Hidalgo, has announced the launch of his new record label, with a focus on deep and experimental music. With a wide range of artists and genres, the label is meant to be a space for musical exploration and limitless creativity.

The label has received praise for its focus on innovation and musical diversity and is expected to attract musicians and fans seeking something outside the norm.

"We're excited to launch You Wouldn't Understand Records and welcome the music community," Hidalgo said. "We hope to revolutionize the music scene with our focus on exploration and limitless creativity."

 Fans and lovers of experimental music are invited to connect and stay tuned for more news and future releases.

"The King of Taste: Rick Rubin's Unconventional Approach to Music Production" 

Rick Rubin, one of the most legendary and influential music producers of our time, has taken the world by surprise with his latest admission. Despite his massive list of successful collaborations with iconic artists, such as Johnny Cash, Metallica, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rubin confesses to Anderson Cooper in a recent 60 Minutes interview that he has "no technical ability and knows nothing about music."

While many might assume a producer of Rubin's caliber to be a musical virtuoso, the self-proclaimed "decider of what he likes and doesn't like" says otherwise. Instead, Rubin emphasizes the importance of clear decision-making and a strong connection to one's creativity. Before the interview, Rubin requested that Cooper participate in two minutes of meditation, which Rubin claims helps "clear distractions and allow for a direct connection to the creative force."

In Rubin's eyes, the role of a producer is not about technical proficiency, but about guiding and inspiring the musicians he works with. He claims to accomplish this by carefully listening, offering thoughts and opinions, and creating the right environment for an artist's creativity to flourish.

While Rubin's philosophy may be divisive, it has earned him a devout following among some of the world's biggest musicians. Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers calls Rubin "the end all of listeners" and credits his success to his remarkable ability to "hear things."

Rubin further explores his unique perspective on creativity in his recent book, The Creative Act: A Way of Being, where he writes "the true instrument is you." Despite his unconventional approach, Rubin continues to be one of the most sought-after producers in the music industry, proving that sometimes it's not about how you do it, but about the final result.

Check out the full 60 Minutes interview on CBS' website to delve deeper into Rick Rubin's creative process.

Black Mirror

Cristian Hidalgo

We're thrilled to announce the upcoming release of my track "Black Mirror" through my beloved label You Wouldn't Understand Records! This track is an exciting mix of trancey progressive, a style I'm really into. The exclusive pre-order on Beatport will start on April 26th, so mark your calendars! The official release on all platforms is set for

We're thrilled to announce the upcoming release of my track "Black Mirror" through my beloved label You Wouldn't Understand Records! This track is an exciting mix of trancey progressive, a style I'm really into. The exclusive pre-order on Beatport will start on April 26th, so mark your calendars! The official release on all platforms is set for May 3rd, so stay tuned.

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