Cristian Hidalgo, an artist and multimedia designer born in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina, pushes the boundaries of electronic music and breaks the mold by merging graphic art with music, focusing on urban elements. His passion for artists like Pearl Jam, Björk, The Chemical Brothers, Underworld, and Ben Böhmer has influenced his artistic approach and sparked his interest in exploring new forms of expression.

With a background in electronic music production from the renowned Escuela Sónica in Buenos Aires and participating in bootcamps organized by Sudbeat at Aulart, Cristian has honed his skills and knowledge. He is also a teacher and mentor at the same school, sharing his experience with other music enthusiasts.

In 2022, Cristian took his first steps in the music scene by participating in compilations by Various Artists on labels like Future Avenue and Soundteller Records, showcasing his emerging talent characterized by its melodic nature. The following year, he released his first EP through Deep Woods Records, a prestigious Berlin-based label owned by the German producer and DJ Pretty Pink, who has supported him on her radio show. In April of this year, he released his first single, "Labyrinth," under his own label, receiving support from influential producers and DJs like Paul Oakenfold, MidNal, and Pretty Pink, among others.

Not content with the conventional, in early 2023, Cristian founded his own record label called "You Wouldn't Understand." With a focus on melodic electronic music ranging from progressive house to techno, his label aims to highlight emerging artists with an innovative sound and epic harmonies.

But Cristian's ambition goes beyond that. His goal is to break the mold and merge urban graphic art with music, creating a multisensory experience that defies established conventions. By blending visual and sonic elements, Cristian seeks to capture the essence of the urban environment and take the audience on an immersive journey.

This fusion of urban art and music allows Cristian to explore new forms of artistic storytelling, conveying deep and impactful messages. His avant-garde approach aims to question audience expectations and open new dimensions in urban electronic music.