New Release: 'Soulmates' on V.A. 'Vibrant Vibeland Edition #22'!


We are thrilled to announce the release of "Soulmates" as part of the Various Artists "Vibrant Vibeland Edition #22" on Soundteller Records!

Talented artist, Cristian Hidalgo, has crafted a unique track that stands out in this special edition, alongside other standout artists such as Sistersweet, Nerutto, Juan Alamos, Joaco Rodino, and Berdu. This musical collaboration promises an exceptional auditory experience that you won't want to miss.

"Soulmates" delves into the melodic progressive house genre and finds its inspiration in those soulmates who cross our path in life and whom we share with. The song boasts distinctive elements that set it apart, and we are eager to share this creation with all of you.

You can listen to "Soulmates" on major streaming platforms, including Spotify, where you can enjoy the music and immerse yourself in this exciting collaboration.

We deeply appreciate all the support we've received throughout our musical journey and hope you will enjoy "Soulmates" as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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