Cristian Hidalgo Unveils his EP "The Beginning of Everything" with the Support of Hernán Cattaneo.


Multimedia artist and producer Cristian Hidalgo is pleased to announce the release of his highly anticipated EP, "The Beginning of Everything." Anchored in the Melodic Progressive House genre, this exciting project promises to captivate listeners with its unique fusion of epic melodies and catchy grooves.

Release Date: January 5, 2024
Pre-Order on Beatport: Starting December 22, 2023

Music enthusiasts can secure their exclusive copy by pre-ordering the EP on Beatport from December 22, 2023, anticipating a unique auditory experience.

Renowned DJ and producer Hernán Cattaneo has expressed his support for the project by including one of the tracks from this EP, "Deep Shanti," in one of the standout episodes of his radio show, "Resident," on Urbana Play Radio. This episode, aired on October 7, 2023, has become one of the most listened to. You can relive the moment at the following link:

Cristian shares his enthusiasm about Hernán Cattaneo's support: "Receiving support from the biggest name in our scene, Hernán Cattaneo, is an honor that cannot be described in words and provides the necessary strength to continue this exciting journey."

Special Thanks:

Cris is grateful for all those who have been fundamental pillars.

  • Escuela Sonica: For being a constant source of inspiration and knowledge.
  • Mateo Moric, Jorge Ciccioli, Mayro, Andrea Cassino, Emilia Ines Vega: For their guidance and unwavering support.
  • Comrades from the Aulart Bootcamp: For sharing this learning journey.
  • Sonica Students: For teaching him as much as he imparts to them.
  • Ches, friends, and family: For being unwavering support at every step

This EP holds extraordinary significance for Cristian Hidalgo as it marks his debut on his own label. The three melodic tracks each carry a unique identity, reflecting personal experiences from 2023—a challenging year from which he has learned and that is mirrored in the music. These tracks are a testament to personal reconstruction and the determination to move forward.

Cris is thrilled to share this special chapter with the world and extends gratitude to all who have been part of his journey so far.

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