Jozar is an Argentine electronic music DJ and producer. Jozar began his career as a DJ in 2018, alongside his colleague and friend Oflex, who have achieved their first releases in 2023 on labels such as Monday Mood Music and Deepwibe Underground South America.

Jozar's music is known for its intensity and strong groove, creating powerful and hypnotic atmospheres within the Progressive and House genres.



Fefo y Møli es an Argentine Progressive House duo on the rise, performing in a hybrid format (mixing console and instruments). As residents at JB Productions, they have shared line-ups with great talents such as Juan Buitrago (The Soundgarden, Mango Alley), IOVINO (The Soundgarden), and Agustin Pietrocola (MNL, Mango Alley, Juicebox). They have also taken part in the Metrodance segment, presenting a set as Special Guests on late Friday nights on FM Metro 95.1.

In 2023, they have performed at venues like La Biblioteca and Downtempo Rooftop, considered the cradle of Progressive music in the city of Buenos Aires.

The combination of consoles and instruments provides event attendees with a unique experience. The fusion of organic house, progressive beats, and the guitar playing in harmony allows for the possibility of experiencing electronic music from a different perspective.



Cristian Hidalgo, an artist and multimedia designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, defies musical norms by blending graphic art with electronic music, inspired by artists like Pearl Jam, Björk, Ben Bōmer and The Chemical Brothers. With a background in music production and teaching, Cristian made a mark in 2022 with releases on labels like Deep Woods Records and Soundteller Records.

In 2023, as the founder and creator of "You Wouldn't Understand," his own record label, Cristian focuses on melodic electronic music across genres. He seeks to merge urban graphic art and music, creating a unique multisensory experience that challenges conventions in urban electronic music and storytelling.



Ananta (CL) is a Chilean-Ecuadorian producer who is 25 years old. Throughout his career, he has released his music on various record labels such as Soundteller, Join the Culture, Future Avenue, YHV Records, among others. His tracks are characterized by a melodic sound, encompassing various types of rhythms and atmospheres. Always in a constant quest for new horizons in sound, he has managed to perform in different places in Chile, Mexico, and the United States.



His professional training at the Sonica Academy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and mentorship from experts like Paul Lennar and Gux Jimenez have shaped his unique sound and propelled him to the top 100 of the Progressive Hype chart in July 2023. Berdu is not only making waves in the music scene but has also shared the stage with notable names like Gux Jimenez at Subterránea Club, Barranquilla.



Pablo Ortiz, also known as Paul Out, is a talented Argentine DJ and producer recognized in the underground music scene. Born in 1986, he discovered his passion for music at an early age and began his career as a DJ at the age of 22, captivating audiences with his unique and energetic style. He has had the privilege of performing in prestigious venues such as Niceto and Bahrein, among others. In addition to his work as a DJ, he has also excelled as an electronic music event producer in the capital city of Argentina. Passionate about music production in Ableton Live, he has specialized in the genres of Progressive, Deep Progressive, and Melodic Techno.



Oflex is a DJ/producer from Buenos Aires. Starting to mix and produce in 2018 alongside his partner Jozar, he managed to establish his own style with a progressive structure, ranging from the most minimalist to the deepest and most intense, all accompanied by an indispensable groove.