Dear and respected artist, we hope and enjoy receiving your demos; we do everything possible to listen to as many as possible. There are some guidelines to help us make it more manageable: 

  • Use our form or our official email address for demo submissions: (click on the email address for a pre-written email) Please note: We are real people and would like to receive a personal message from you. 
  • Wait 1 week for us to respond. We will provide feedback on every demo we receive regardless of whether or not we decide to propose releasing it on YWU. 
  • Please NO downloads: use a private Soundcloud link so we can go directly to the tracks and listen. 
  • NO unfinished or short versions of your tracks. 
  • If you use samples, make sure they are legal! If we like your music, we will take care of all the mastering requirements. 
  • A brief biography of yourself is appreciated. 

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